LinkedIn management services

It’s widely accepted that social media is a powerful networking tool, both socially and increasingly for commercial purposes. Businesses across all sectors are embracing it to build brand awareness, expand their customer base and to generate new sales leads.

LinkedIn is rapidly becoming the number one platform for individuals and companies to interact with existing and prospective clients. Regular posts can keep clients updated with your business developments, introduce new products and services and remind people that you exist and are available to help and support them.

Of course, this process requires time and imagination, and at Crannull we appreciate that these are sometimes in short supply.

Let us manage this for you so you can focus on the core functions of your business.
One of our social media management packages may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Package one – Silver Service

This includes an individual daily post from either your company or personal profile. Throughout the month, this will be a mixture of sales content about your business and industry news, which is relevant to your connections.

Package two – Gold Service

This includes the same as the silver service but we will also spend 30 minutes every day developing and interacting with your network. The algorithms used by LinkedIn mean that by engaging with people in your network, your post will appear higher up in their news feeds, highlighting your business and what you do to those you want to be seen by.

Both packages include:
  • An account manager who understands your industry
  • You have full editorial control over content
  • A weekly report, with your personal network growth figures
  • When used in conjunction with our telemarketing services, we can send out connection requests to prospective clients for you

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