The thought of getting on, and staying on the right supplier lists for companies can be a daunting prospect. Not to mention time consuming. Many organisations won’t let you supply to them until you have completed a ‘pre-qualified questionnaire’ (PQQ) and of course, these all differ, depending on the prospective client and type of business.

Let Crannull facilitate the PSL process for you.

Our consultants will determine which companies require a PQQ and exactly what information they need about you and your business, including what you do, how you do it, products and services available, key people and any upcoming projects that you’re working on or looking to be involved with.

Often there are multiple people within an organisation who require different details. If you are already on a PSL, we can speak with all the main contacts in the company to ensure they know you are on their PSL and can start discussing your product or service with them.

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Crannull can assist with getting you on the Preferred Supplier Lists for the companies you wish to target and then follow up each contact in that organisation.

What we can do

  • Contact organisations to request their PQQ
  • Forward their PQQ to you for review and completion
  • Upon completion, we can follow up to see if you have been successful
  • If you have, we can then contact various people in the organisation to ensure they know what you do

What this means?

Once you are on a PSL, you are essentially “approved” as a company to do business with. This is the first step in the sales process for dealing with some of the largest main contractors and developers in the UK. This doesn’t guarantee you sales, but without being on the PSL, some companies cannot even consider doing business with you. Once successful, the next step is for us to make contact with all the relevant decision makers in the business to inform them you’re now an approved supplier and you can start discussing how you can assist on specific projects. Obviously this saves you time and can boost sales which in turn, helps to expand your business.

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To find out more about our professional construction sales lead generation services and how we can benefit your business, contact us:

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