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Do you know your website weaknesses? Do you want stronger return on investment from your website? Crannull Webstats help businesses dig deeper into what happens to each individual visitor after they have landed on your site.

Ultimately you want your website to convert higher numbers of visitors to enquiries by engaging your visitors so they contact you.

Crannull Webstats shows you how your website visitors found your website (e.g. Google organic, PPC, email shot), how they navigated through pages before your product or service page and how they navigated through pages after your product or service page. A buying decision can often be formed by the pages a potential buyer visits both before and after they view your product or service page, and how long they spent on those supporting pages.


  • Focus on using analytics to identify website weak points so they can be fixed which ultimately generates more enquiries.
  • Ability to look at every single visitor in detail.
  • Analytical insights help pinpoint where time and budget spend are inefficient.
  • Increased number of enquires without having to chase companies that visited your site.
  • No long-term contract, you can cancel with 1 months' notice.
  • A free 30 day trial where you get full access to our Webstat software so you can experience the benefits for yourself.

Example report page – first page

Webstats first page

A closer look at a company in more detail -

Webstats company detail

There are many benefits to using Crannull Webstats. Contact us on 01582 256010 to find out how we can help.

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