Lead Generation for Construction & the Built Environment

October 2017

Getting New Builds Electric Vehicle Ready

Technology is evolving at an ever-gathering pace, and one particular area hitting its stride is in the field of electric cars. In an effort to become greener and less environmentally impactive, motoring is turning away from conventional internal combustion engines to all-electric vehicles (EV).

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September 2017

What is the Eco-Building Sector?

Green development initiatives are underway all over the world, ranging from sustainability conditions on planning permission here in the UK (with some local authorities now requiring a sustainability assessment for even minor home extensions) to ambitious carbon neutral skyscraper proposals from architects around the world.

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August 2017

New Developments and Technology in the Construction Sector

The construction industry has always been at the forefront of new technology. As long as there is a demand for new buildings, there will be a need for them to be produced more quickly, efficiently, and to a higher standard, using the absolute cutting edge of available tools and materials.

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June 2017

Construction Expo 2017

Crannull are proud to announce that they will be exhibiting at Construction Expo 2017. We believe this is a great event within the south east and look forward to meeting visitors on the day, who will be able to find out more about how Crannull could assist them with being part of the huge growth in the construction sector in this area. Also, we are looking forward to meeting all our fellow exhibitors on the day and in the evening.

June 2017

Sales, Marketing and Growth in Construction - The Need for Speed

It seems that every day there is some new development in the construction industry. Everyone is talking about BIM and the prospect of architects taking clients on virtual design tours, or perhaps alternately beaming with admiration at automatic bricklayers and 3D concrete printers or scowling at them depending on which side of the fence you are positioned.

Trade bodies such as CABE are launching campaigns aimed at ethics and high standards in construction, while the cost of build and the end user final buy price are pushing the margin to breaking point. Add to this the skills gap, the constant legislation changes and a thousand other issues, and you see a construction industry that is, well, actually now I come to think about it, still pretty much the same as it has always been. ...

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April 2016

Crannull complete a complete refurb and fit out of their office in Luton. With the growth of Crannull over recent years, it was decided to refresh the look of the office and create more space for future growth.

Feb 2015

Crannull will be sponsoring the Doyle Club networking event on Thursday 5th February from 1pm. We are looking forward to meeting several regular attendees at this event as well as many new faces. If you are in London on this date and would like to come along, please let us know and you can come along as a guest. If you would like to enquire further about becoming a member, please visit www.doyleclub.org.

December 2014

Crannull attended the annual Lighthouse Club Christmas Lunch at The Grange Hotel, St Pauls. It was a great afternoon for an important cause. Fantastic speakers from the world of Rugby with the highlight of the Hakka being conducted by over 500 which was led by Sean Fitzpatrick.

October 2014

Crannull were guest speakers at The London Irish Construction Network (TLICN) on Thursday 23rd October.