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Sales, Marketing and Growth in Construction – The Need for Speed

If you go to a conference and put three people from any part of the construction world together, perhaps over a drink at the end of the day, the conversation is likely to turn to the difficulties facing the industry and the relentless changes in their jobs.

It seems that every day there is some new development in the construction industry. Everyone is talking about BIM and the prospect of architects taking clients on virtual design tours, or perhaps alternately beaming with admiration at automatic bricklayers and 3D concrete printers or scowling at them depending on which side of the fence you are positioned. Trade bodies such as CABE are launching campaigns aimed at ethics and high standards in construction, while the cost of build and the end user final buy price are pushing the margin to breaking point. Add to this the skills gap, the constant legislation changes and a thousand other issues, and you see a construction industry that is, well, actually now I come to think about it, still pretty much the same as it has always been.

Construction is inherently an industry of tradition and change. On one side of the scales innovation, new materials and improved techniques are constantly appearing. However, on the other side of the scales, things are balanced by the fact that every part of this occasionally frustrating but always interesting industry, needs the core of a skilled and experienced workforce to pull it all together.

There is also one other factor in the construction world that is also unlikely to ever change, and that is the need for speed from the architect’s desk through to occupation. Every part of the chain to final occupancy or utilisation of a build needs to move as fast as is humanly (or in some cases these days mechanically) possible to maximise profitability.

The need for speed is not just desirable it is vital if you want to succeed. However, no matter how much the tech moves on or how hard the professionals are working, unless they are talking to the world then nothing will happen as it should. Whether it is your services, your product, or your expertise you need to sell, the right person needs to know you are there.

The march of technology means that there are multiple opportunities to shout about what you do. Social media, video, emails and so on all have their place, but I want to draw you back to the first sentence in this article.

Remember our three people talking over a beer? Well, we feel that what is most important about their impromptu discussion about the state of the industry is not what they were discussing at all. What matters is that they were talking. Not emailing or tweeting, they are talking. There is an old saying that ‘people buy from people’ and despite all the advances and all the new technologies when it comes right down to it we all prefer to have a human being tell us about a product or service. The fastest solution, and therefore the most profitable, is a conversation.

That is why when you ask for our help with your lead generation we do something that actually works. We pick up the phone and talk to someone. More than that, our extensive database means we talk to the right person.

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