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How Do You Construct A Shed?

A shed is a fantastic addition to every garden and provides a place to safely store your garden tools, bikes, and furniture. Many sheds will come either pre-assembled or with assembly instructions., which help with making construction much easier. There are some basics that need to be performed before installing a shed, which includes preparing the ground for the location you place it. So, how do you construct a shed quickly and easily?

Groundwork Is Important
You want to place your shed on solid and even ground to prevent damage to it over the years. Begin by levelling the ground it will be placed on, and then use a compactor to compact the soil as much as possible. After this is done, you should place patio tiles down to prevent the shed from sinking into the soil after heavy rain.

Start With The Floor
The first part of shed construction begins with the floor. Using the instructions that came with your shed, fix the base together and attach the floorboards to it. There should be a gap of at least 6 inches between the floor and the base of the shed to prevent water entering and causing rot.

Add The Four Walls
Once your floor is securely built, you will begin to join the walls to it. The walls will almost always be pre-built and resemble fence panels. You will require 2 people to install the walls, one to hold them in place while the other screws them securely to the floor with a power drill. Once the walls are fixed to the floor, they will then need to be fixed to each other via joining posts.

Put On The Roof
The roof is the most difficult part to install, and it will usually come in 2 parts. The roof must be screwed into the top of the walls securely before placing the protective felt covering over it. The covering is usually nailed in place by small tacks. Now the roof is in place, fix on the door and windows and then prepare it for weatherproofing.

Weatherproof It
A good all-around weatherproofing paint will contain waterproofing and fungicide agents to help prevent rot from setting in. For best results, you are going to want to give the shed 2 coats of it on the inside and outside. Once dried, your shed is ready for use and should provide many years of use.

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